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Hisar Airport Resumes Operations by November 1: Haryana’s Aviation Sector Gets a Boost with Phase-wise Development Plan.

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Reopening of Maharaja Agrasen Hisar Airport by November 1, 2023.

Hisar Airport is all set to resume operations on November 1, 2023, marking an important milestone for aviation in Haryana. After careful planning and preparation, the airport is ready to welcome air traffic once again, bringing a wave of opportunities for the region’s aviation industry.

Significance of this development for the aviation sector of Haryana.

The re-opening of Maharaja Agrasen Hisar Airport is of great importance for the aviation sector of Haryana. The operationalization of the airport will enhance connectivity, boost economic growth and trade potential. The development is expected to attract more airlines and businesses to the area, thereby boosting tourism and overall economic activity.

Phased development plan for the airport.

The phase-wise development plan of the airport outlines a comprehensive approach to its expansion and modernization. In Phase 1, completed under the UDAN plan, the airport was upgraded for domestic flights. Going forward, Phase 2 includes the construction of state-of-the-art facilities including cargo and passenger terminals, taxiways, runways, and advanced airfield lighting. Additionally, an ATC tower will be set up to ensure safe and efficient air traffic control. Phase 3 of the plan includes ambitious projects such as the University of Aerospace and Defense Technology, Integrated Commercial and Industrial Centre, Aerocity Airport Commercial and Residential Zone, and Multi-Modal Logistics Park.

This well-planned development plan reflects the commitment of the Government of Haryana towards making Hisar Airport a hub of economic activity and a gateway to the state. By offering modern infrastructure and facilities, the airport aims to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry and cater to the needs of passengers and businesses.

Hisar Airport’s Resumption of Operations

Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala announced the re-opening of the airport.

Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala has officially announced the resumption of operations at Hisar airport, bringing relief to air traffic and a major step forward for the aviation sector in the region. After a period of careful planning and preparation, the airport is set to be operational again by November 1, 2023.

Reasons behind the inspection by Air India personnel prior to flight training operations.

Before starting flight training operations at Hisar airport, Air India personnel will conduct a thorough inspection. This precautionary step is necessary because of Air India’s plan to buy 400 Airbus aircraft and provide training to about 200 pilots. Ensuring airport facilities and infrastructure are at par with international standards is of utmost importance to guarantee safe and efficient training sessions for pilots.

Importance of doing thorough due diligence prior to pilot training.

The importance of conducting a comprehensive checkup prior to pilot training cannot be overstated. A careful inspection ensures that all aspects of the airport are in optimal condition, including runways, taxiways, air traffic control systems, and security measures. Such thorough evaluations contribute to maintaining high safety standards and prevent potential issues during flight training, thus protecting the well-being of trainees and instructors.

More companies are likely to start flight training operations at the airport.

With the re-opening of the Hisar airport and its potential as an aviation hub, chances of more companies starting flight training operations are on the horizon. As the airport undergoes further development and upgrades, it will attract the attention of various aviation training providers looking to capitalize on the expansion opportunities in the area. This not only benefits aspiring pilots by providing more options for training, but also encourages economic growth and job creation within the aviation sector.

Progress Report on Hisar Airport

The expansion and upgradation of Hisar Airport into an international airport is in progress.

The progress report of Hisar Airport shows the remarkable efforts made to convert it into an international airport. The ongoing expansion and upgradation initiatives demonstrate the commitment of the authorities to enhance regional connectivity and boost the aviation sector in Haryana.

Timeline for completion of the installation of boundary wall and watch towers as per international standards.

The construction work at Hisar Airport is progressing at a steady pace and major milestones are nearing completion. The airport boundary wall, a critical component for security and access control, is on track for completion as per the stipulated time frame. Additionally, the installation of watch towers meeting international standards is nearing its final stage, thereby strengthening airport security measures to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Taxiway construction progress and upcoming installation of advanced lighting systems.

As part of the development plan, substantial progress is being made in the construction of taxiways at Hisar Airport. Taxiways act as an important link between the runway and the terminals, facilitating the smooth movement of aircraft. In the coming month, the airport is set to witness another milestone with the installation of advanced lighting systems that will improve visibility during takeoff and landing even in adverse weather conditions.

With each completed phase of expansion, Hisar Airport moves closer to its goal of becoming a major international aviation hub. Advances in infrastructure and facilities are set to attract more airlines and businesses, making it an important gateway for both domestic and international travelers.


Inter-State Air Service and Passenger Experience

There is a plan to start interstate air service on nine routes from Hisar airport.

Hisar Airport is all set to revolutionize regional travel with its plan to start inter-state air services on nine routes. This ambitious endeavor will establish better connectivity between Hisar and major destinations in neighboring states, thereby facilitating convenient and time-efficient travel for commuters.

Passenger experience including availability of 48 seater aircraft for travel.

With the availability of 48-seater aircraft for travel, the passenger experience at Hisar Airport promises to be exceptional. These modern and comfortable aircraft are equipped to provide a pleasurable journey, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for all types of passengers.

Any other facilities or services planned to enhance the passenger experience.

To further enhance the passenger experience, the Hisar airport authorities have planned additional facilities and services. These may include well-appointed passenger lounges, restaurants, and retail outlets to cater to the needs of passengers. In addition, special attention will be paid to accessibility, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for passengers with reduced mobility.

Phase-wise Development Plan

Phase 1, which involves upgrading the airport for domestic flights under the UDAN scheme.

The phase-wise development plan of Hisar Airport outlines a strategic approach to transform it into a modern and multifunctional aviation facility. Phase 1 focused on upgrading the airport to accommodate domestic flights under the UDAN plan. This included necessary enhancements to existing infrastructure and facilities to meet the growing demand for regional air travel.

Phase 2, includes the construction of cargo and passenger terminal buildings, taxiways, runways, airfield lighting, and ATC towers.

Phase 2 of the development plan is an ambitious undertaking comprising a series of significant projects. Construction of state-of-the-art cargo and passenger terminal buildings is underway, aimed at accommodating the anticipated growth in air traffic and improving the overall passenger experience. Additionally, the development of taxiways and runways will enhance the operational efficiency of the airport, allowing smooth and timely movement of aircraft.

One of the key elements of Phase 2 is the implementation of advanced airspace lighting systems. This state-of-the-art lighting infrastructure will enhance the airport’s capabilities, allowing safe and smooth operations even in low visibility conditions. In addition, the construction of an Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower is necessary to maintain airspace order and security, ensure the smooth flow of flights, and optimize airspace usage.

Phase 3, includes the construction of the University of Aerospace and Defense Technology, Integrated Commercial and Industrial Centre, Aerocity airport commercial and residential areas, and a multi-modal logistics park.

Looking ahead, Phase 3 is set to take Hisar Airport to new heights with a range of transformational projects. The development of the University of Aerospace and Defense Technology will spur innovation and skill development in the aviation and defense sectors, creating a pool of talented professionals for the future of the industry.

Another key aspect of Phase 3 is the construction of an integrated commercial and industrial hub, which will stimulate economic development by attracting businesses and investment to the area. The Aerocity Airport commercial and residential precinct will provide a vibrant urban setting, seamlessly integrated with the airport, providing a unique and attractive living and business environment.

Additionally, the multi-modal logistics park will enhance trade and logistics capabilities, thereby establishing Hisar Airport as an important hub for cargo and freight operations and facilitating the efficient movement of goods across the region.


Impact on Haryana’s Aviation Sector

Potential benefits on the aviation industry of Haryana from the reopening of Hisar airport and its phased development.

The reopening of Hisar airport and its phased development holds tremendous potential for the aviation sector of Haryana. With the resumption of operations and expansion as an international airport, Hisar Airport is expected to boost regional connectivity and accessibility. This increased connectivity will attract more passengers and businesses, thereby driving growth and investment in the aviation industry within the state.

How expanding the airport could attract more airlines and spur economic growth in the area.

The expansion and modernization of the airport is likely to attract a wider range of airlines to set up operations at Hisar. With better facilities and infrastructure, airlines will find the airport more attractive, leading to the introduction of new routes and an increase in flight frequencies. The influx of airlines will not only benefit travelers from more options but will also have a positive impact on the local economy, as it will boost tourism and boost trade, and business opportunities in the region.

Significance of the planned Aerospace and Defense Technology University for skill development and employment opportunities.

The planned University of Aerospace and Defense Technology is a significant step towards promoting skill development and generating employment opportunities in the aviation and defense sectors. By providing specialized education and training, the University will equip individuals with the necessary expertise to contribute to the growth and advancement of these industries. This, in turn, will spur innovation, research, and development in aviation and defense technologies, thereby establishing Haryana as a center of excellence in these areas.

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