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Fight on Garba Night

Daughter was troubled by Neighbors: 52-Year-Old man Dies in Fight on Garba Night

Fight on Garba Night

52-Year-Old Man Dies in Fight on Garba Night

Peaceful Garba night celebrations at a residential society in Faridabad turned into a horrific tragedy when 52-year-old man Prem Mehta lost his life after a fight with two neighbors who allegedly harassed his daughter. This heart-wrenching incident that took place at Princess Park Society in Sector 87 not only highlights the dangers of harassment but also reminds us how a moment can shatter lives forever.

The night that went wrong

It all started on a joyous night on Monday when residents of Princes Park Society gathered inside the residential complex to participate in a Garba program. Garba, a traditional Indian dance, marks the celebration of Navratri, and people of all ages come together to enjoy the festivities.

Fight on Garba Night: 52-Year-Old Man Dies in Fight on Garba Night

The participants also included Prem Mehta’s 25-year-old daughter, who was looking forward to a night of dancing and fun. However, her evening turned tragic when two youths from the same residential complex approached her during the Dandiya dance and asked for her contact number. He even went a step further and requested her to join him in the dance.

Fight on Garba night: Face to face

Naturally, the unwanted advances did not go down well with the Mehta family. Mr Mehta, his wife, and their son were forced to confront the two youths and question them about their inappropriate behavior towards their daughter. A video of the confrontation shows rising tensions, with both sides exchanging heated words and physical gestures.

Fight on Garba night: A sad turn of events

As the dispute escalated, the situation took a tragic turn. During the clash, Mr. Mehta was pushed by a young man, due to which he fell to the ground. He became unconscious due to the fall. Immediately, he was taken to the hospital, but, tragically, medical professionals declared him dead.

Fight on Garba Night: Seeking Justice

Mr Mehta’s family immediately lodged a police complaint, alleging that the two youths had harassed their daughter and were responsible for the fatal attack on the 52-year-old father. Subsequently, a case was registered and an investigation was launched to uncover the truth behind this heartbreaking incident.

Fight on Garba Night: An ongoing investigation

Police officer Jamil Khan confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. Authorities have begun an autopsy to determine the exact cause of Mr. Mehta’s death. Investigators will examine evidence and witness statements to bring clarity to this unfortunate incident.

Fight on Garba night: Community reaction and grief

The incident has left the entire residential complex and surrounding community in shock and grief. The tragic loss of a father, a husband, and a community member has called for unity and a re-evaluation of how neighbors interact and support each other.


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