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Animal film

Box office collection of Animal film crosses ₹458 crore in 12 days – Ranbir Kapoor’s film continues to shine in the second week

Animal film

Animal film

In a cinematic win, Ranbir Kapoor starrer “Animal film” continues its dominance at the box office and has shown remarkable consistency in its second weekend in theatres. With the total collection in India reaching ₹458.12 crore, the film’s consistent performance has surprised both the audience and industry experts.

Great performance at the box office: figures revealed

“Animal film” has created a buzz not only for its stellar star cast including Ranbir Kapoor but also for its exceptional performance at the box office. In just 12 days, the film has earned a whopping ₹458.12 crore, which is a testament to its captivating story, powerful performances and the audience’s unwavering interest.

Ranbir Kapoor’s influence: A driving force

Ranbir Kapoor’s charismatic portrayal in “Animal film” has undoubtedly been a driving force behind the tremendous success of the film. The actor’s ability to adapt to different roles continues to be a hit with audiences, cementing his position as one of Bollywood’s most bankable stars.

Consistency in the Second Week: A Cinematic Miracle

The second week often proves to be the litmus test for a film’s enduring popularity. However, “Animal film” challenges traditional norms while maintaining its pace and consistency. This achievement not only reflects the wide appeal of the film but also reflects the audience’s continued interest in the story.

Audience applause: the real measure of success

While the box office figures tell a compelling story, the audience’s applause and positive reviews add an additional layer to the success of “Animal film.” Social media platforms are filled with praise for the film’s entertaining story, stellar performances and its ability to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Global impact: “The Beast” roars beyond borders

The success of “Animal film” extended beyond Indian shores, showing global influence. The film’s international reception highlights the growing influence of Bollywood on the global cinematic stage and emphasizes the universality of its themes.

Industry discussion and future projections

As “Animal film” continues to make waves, industry insiders are keeping a close eye on its trajectory. The film’s phenomenal success has sparked conversations about changing audience tastes, the impact of star power and the changing dynamics of Bollywood’s box office landscape.

 Animal film

A cinematic triumph unfolds

Animal film” emerges not just as a film but as a cinematic triumph, redefining standards and expectations. Ranbir Kapoor’s brilliant acting along with the interesting story has taken the film to unprecedented heights. As it ends its second week, the cinematic journey of “Animal film” leaves an indelible mark on Bollywood, setting a new benchmark for success in the ever-evolving world of Indian cinema.


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